PAAP I & II (Support Programme to Professional Associations)

With financial support from the European Commission, PAAP I & II provided technical assistance and financial support, reinforcing Morocco’s Professional Federations and Associations. The latter developed their services, provided to their enterprise members, most notably by the industrial professional structures. 

The activities were focused on institutional reinforcement, communication, marketing, sectorial studies and training for each Professional Association (PA) receiving support. The support provided was based on PAs’ action plans, focused on the assistanceof PAs’ members (VSBs or SMEs). 

  • Completed 96 Action Plan (PA), whose execution is valued at € 7 million. 
  • Prepared 300 tenders, following their execution. They included furniture/equipment, consultant services as well as the monitoring and evaluation system, to measure the impact of each PAs activities toward and on their members. 
  • Prepared, diffused a monthly Flash Info &a Quarterly Review;Prepared 3 manuals (Organisation and Operations of PAs / PA Collaborative Networks / Best Practices for PAs). 
  • Organised, managed diverse seminars, workshops and thematic conferences. 
  • Oversaw diverse diagnostic studies of Professional Associations’ milieu; managed the implementation of their agreed upon recommendations. 
  • Created the 1st annual, statistical listing of Moroccan Profession Associations. 
  • Prepared, organised and participated in 42 different PAs’ training courses. 
  • Oversaw, managed the creation of partnerships between Moroccan PAs at the national as well as international level with other PAs and enterprises (salon Pollutec France & du salon Energaia);coordinated meetings/ visits between Moroccan enterprises and their European counterparts.