Institutional communication of reforms

We design and facilitate institutional communication programmes and campaigns 

 Intended, depending on the objectives, for a range of targets:

  • Governments;
  • Parliamentarians;
  • Social partners;
  • Employees;
  • Civil society.

Structured, depending on the missions and the targets, around different formats:

  • 2-day awareness presentations intended for employees and unions of businesses registered on the privatisation programmes, based around concrete experiences and “question and answer” sessions on the following central themes: The macroeconomic anchoring of reforms, Why privatise? How to privatise? The social plan, a tool for steering privatisations in a humane manner. Day presentations run in different countries within some thirty public businesses and ministries of different economic sectors. 
  • workshops on the theme of “The humane steering of privatisations” bringing together government members and civil society.
  • information days on “Privatisation, an economic and social challenge” organised for parliamentarians (Ministers, Senators).  
  • information campaign tours across the entire territory of a country. Day workshops facilitated both in French and in the local languages, intended to provide information and to make workers and their families aware of (i) the constraints and opportunities of State withdrawal (ii) the procedures for dealing with and providing social support for the withdrawal (compensation and reinsertion issues). 
  • workshops on  “Public Service, an effective tool at the service of the Nation”, bringing together all of the Government members for half days over one week, to increase their awareness of the administrative reform procedure undertaken, and to encourage them to support the change within their respective departments.  
  • material designed to reinforce the transparency and the credibility of the reform messages:

- brochure (in “comic strip” format, text in local languages) entitled “the private sector needs you”, distributed to employees leaving the organisation

- brochure distributed at a national level (inspired by the national privatisation campaign used in Italy at the beginning of the 1990s)

- design of a leaflet “welcome to the CARIP process” - Conseil et Appui à la Réinsertion et à l’Insertion Professionnelle (Advice and Support for Reinsertion and Professional Insertion) (colour photos and highly educational texts in local languages), presenting all of the steps and the content of the CARIP process and aimed at reassuring and convincing those leaving of its merits.