Creation of SMEs and SMIs around major worksites and projects


The network of SMEs-SMIs around major worksites and project

The setting up of major projects and their subsequent implementation are elements in the creation of true centres of economic activity, and therefore of employment (creation of both self-employed and salaried work), which are more or less permanent and which will evolve according to the project phases.

The activities of Core Advice contribute to local economic development and to local expertise. Our work, whether it be in advising the Board of project promoters or the public authorities, the counterparts of the promoters, is to ensure the following: (i) the creation of a competent local workforce which, by the end of the projects, will constitute a skilled, well-trained team, (ii) the creation of business and jobs that can be adapted to the different project phases, and which will become progressively economically independent of them. This needs to be done without imposing unnecessary constraints on the projects, and with a view to a long-term future.

The major construction projects (dams, mines, ports, etc.) require a large workforce of varying skill levels, which, given the resulting population influx (local employees or expatriates with their families), leads to the need to provide a social infrastructure (housing, transport, commerce, health, education, etc.). They therefore contribute to the creation of genuine centres of business activity and employment. At the end of the construction phase, the non-qualified workers not only generally no longer have any work, but are difficult to reinsert into the employment market from an economic point of view, a situation which leads in particular to social tensions on a local level that have a negative effect on the projects.

The services provided by Core Advice focus particularly on helping project promoters in the setting up of:

- mechanisms for long term internal social management (forward planning for employment and skills) and above all;

- professional insertion and reinsertion cells facilitating the creation of the following entities around the project:

  • businesses, small outsourcing structures that will gradually be capable of meeting the needs for goods and services generated by activity on the site (catering, transport, landscaping, various crafts, etc.);
  • the reinsertion, at the end of the site activity or project, of those people whose jobs no longer exist, so that they find other salaried or self-employed work that guarantees them a steady income.

By analysing the cyclical needs of the projects, and also the territorial diagnosis, Core Advice is also able to assist national and local public decision makers in the setting up of master plans and of local economic development programmes, focusing heavily on the employability of both local and incoming populations.

The work of Core Advice, particularly in the field of economic and social mediation between the public and private parties involved in territorial development, sets in motion an ongoing dialogue with the public authorities, the promoters and the project management structures, and also with employee and union representatives – a dialogue that may well lead to multi-party agreement protocols, under which each of the parties has specific responsibilities with regard to the local economic and social development.