Institutional changes and human resource management


Our team’s knowledge and expertise

  • are brought together to support the performance of Administrations in the steering of public development policies;
  • are adapted to the interdependence between the structures and the people: a personnel policy and an efficient administration are only  conceivable within a framework of rational  structures, procedures and work methods that conform to the missions of the Administration. 

The scope of intervention

1. Institutional reform

Functional review

  • Understand the organisation and the way in which the institution works with regard to the sectoral strategy.
  • Highlight the assets and the strengths as well as the weaknesses.
  • Identify the extent to which skills overlap and the ways in which they are dysfunctional. 

Recommendations and implementation of restructuring processes

  • Proposal for changes to structures and/or for the creation of dedicated bodies.
  • Definition of the organic functions and management positions.
  • Decentralisation in order to support local economic development.

Institutional communication

Reorganisation, rationalisation and computerisation of administrative management procedures  

  • Architecture of information systems.
  • Development of organisational and IT specifications.
  • Development of procedure manuals.

2. Human resource management

Control of staff and payroll

3. Institutional changes and cultural development in the countries of the ACP zone

Aware of the challenges raised in the United Nations “Culture and Development” Resolution of 20 December 2010, our team, in partnership with specialists in the field, is working at the heart of one of the cultural industry sectors, the “cinema and audiovisual sector”.  It is essential, in fact, that the huge creative potential of this sector benefits from an appropriate sectoral policy under which the various components of Culture i.e creation, production, diffusion, training, economy and legislation form a coherent whole.

 Within this context Core Advice:

  • in partnership with the governments develops a project document entitled  “Strategic plan and institutional reinforcement of the cinema and audiovisual sector” to be submitted to bilateral and multilateral aid agencies. This document explores, in particular, the following issues:

- Reform or creation of a supervisory body and/or strengthening of the capacity of the institutions responsible for the sector;

- Legal and regulatory framework;

- Incentives and support with regard to the creation, the production and the release of the pictures;

- Financing mechanisms to support activity in the sector;

- Strengthening of inter and intra-regional cooperative initiatives with regard to the production and release of the pictures, but also within the framework of international cooperation.

  • defines and implements policies and training plans aimed at the professions within the sector and/or the needs of the institutional players within the sector.